Mission Statement

At Bella Casa Realty, we are focused on serving and being a resource for our clients with all their Home, Life, and Community needs.

Lisa Segale, Realtor®

Reliable – Committed - Heart

Lisa has a long history of helping people achieve what is most important to bring fulfillment to their life.  Being a good listener and asking more questions allows me to make deep meaningful connections and bring goals to life.

Lisa puts her heart and soul into her relationships, work and intentions.  She believes her word is one of her most valuable possessions. She is always committed to do her best for people and to stay connected and dedicated to her family, friends and clients.

Born and raised on Staten Island N.Y and Lisa moved to Arizona in 1999.  Where I came from everyone knew their neighbors and people networked with each other.  If you needed a plumber, electrician, dentist, etc. you asked your friends and family for referrals.  I incorporate that same networking spirit with my clients.  My network of working by referral extends to assist you every step of the way that way you know you can really trust everyone involved.  You can always contact me for any service that you may need beyond just purchasing your home.  The biggest compliment is a referral to help your friends and family members sell or buy their properties.

What I've learned most from life is to expect the unexpected! Because of this I am always anticipating any potential needs and will be following up with you before, during and after your transaction.

My motto is "happy to help" so don't be shy to ask for anything at all!

Lisa is assisted by her husband John Segale.

Call or Text Lisa at: (602) 332-5417




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