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When it comes to Phoenix living, the East Valley has become one of the fastest-growing areas.

At the heart of the East Valley is the bustling, culture-rich city of Phoenix. Known for its sunny, warm climate, the East Valley sits in the center of the Valley of the Sun.

The East Valley area has become popular for its access to a multitude of activities for you and your family, for its foodie dreams in the bustling dining options, and for live sports. With a population of 1.3 million people, this area is growing year after year. This is because of the economy in the area.

Tech companies like Intel and MicroChip have set up their desert home here in the East Valley, along with big names in aerospace and aviation. Living in this beautiful, sunny area of Arizona means there is plenty of opportunity for employment.

Why choose the East Valley area?

In three words: Opportunity, Community, & Culture.

With the warm, sunny climate you can barely go a day without being able to enjoy the many different outdoor activities that keep the East Valley area thriving. Surrounded by mountains on three sides, Phoenix is ripe with culture and activities. From live baseball and football games with your family to a walk around the Desert Botanical Gardens, or the Boyce Thompson Arboretum, you can enjoy the rich culture that this area has to offer.

Chandler, Arizona was voted one of the Top 10 Best U.S. Cities for Families by Within Chandler, you can find some of the best schools in Arizona, several parks to enjoy the beautiful climate, and an area that continues to grow and thrive.

Come make the East Valley your home today.

If you enjoy the warm, inviting sun, the feeling of community with your neighbors, and exploring the outdoors while also having the excitement of the city nearby, this area is perfect. You come to East Valley for the culture and beauty, you stay because of the community.

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