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Living in the Central Phoenix area has you literally at the heart of everything that makes this city one of the fastest-growing in the country.

From the swaths of natural mountain pathways and trails for those fun weekend hiking adventures to the outdoor dining at the many restaurants surrounding the area with some of the most succulent flavors, Central Phoenix is calling you home.

This area is has become home to an expanding economy with many employment opportunities, making moving to Central Phoenix area all that easier. Phoenix is an incredibly diverse city with real estate, financial services, manufacturing, health care, and retail industries making Zippia’s 2020 list of top 50 Arizona-based companies.

Why choose the Central Phoenix area?

Summing this area up to three words: Character, Leisure, Convenience.

The Central Phoenix area is an area of exceptional character. With the mountains just within reach, and the culture-richness of the city life happening daily around you, you’re able to experience the character of this beautiful city daily. There’s always something interesting happening in Central Phoenix area for you and your family to enjoy.

Central Phoenix is bustling with architectural character, cultural diversity, and all of it is soaked in an oasis of greenery and botanical beauty making this area one of the most desirable neighborhoods. And after you’ve finished the busy workday, this area is home to some of the most exciting activities from live sports, to live theatre and museums.

Come make Central Phoenix area your home today, and discover this desert oasis filled with fresh flower aromas from the botanical gardens for yourself. Many people come to Central Phoenix for the food and culture, but they stay for the community.

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